Professional photos help sell properties and make you, the agent, look good in the process.

In today’s market, leveraging compelling imagery and enticing videos has become absolutely essential to successfully introducing and promoting properties, thus increasing the importance of having a professional real estate photographer as part of the listing agent’s marketing team.


Great Photography Leads to More Showings

Great photography is one of the best ways to make a property stand out in a crowded market. In fact, recent independent studies have statistically confirmed that properties with professional photography used in their marketing sell faster and for more money.

Nowadays, home selling starts on the internet. The majority of home buyers research a home online before buying, and potential home buyers are more likely to visit a home if the property photos capture their attention. Poor quality real estate photos don’t present the home in the best possible light. Have your home professionally photographed to showcase it to its best advantage and dramatically increase your chances of selling.

It’s Good for Your Business

As a real estate professional, the return on investment you get from using professional photos makes the decision to hire a professional photographer a ‘no-brainer’. When you wow your client with fantastic photography, they are going to share the results with friends… on Facebook… in emails… and tell people they work with “My agent has done a great job of marketing my property. Look at the professional photos and virtual tour of my property. Doesn’t my home look beautiful?”

Your clients will be impressed with the level of professional completeness you’ve demonstrated in marketing their property, and they will tell their friends. Your business will definitely benefit. We’ve seen it again and again.

Inferior Photography Can Make You Look Unprofessional

A few years ago, the use of sub-par photographs was the norm!  Your clients might not have liked your photos, but were unlikely to complain because they didn’t know any better. Well… those days are gone. Because so many agents now hire professional photographers, those that don’t are easy to spot. The majority of sellers that hire a real estate professional are now aware that the best agents use professional photographers. If you don’t, your reputation and business will suffer the consequences. Further, many leading brokers have quality control reviews of the photos to be used on their site and MLS listing and will not permit the listing to be displayed without highly professional photography.

The Bottom Line…

The time when professional real estate photos were an “option” has ended. The top agents in your market are using them and those that don’t look like amateurs in comparison. But don’t take our word for it. Look for yourself at the photos of the successful agents in your market. Odds are that they are already using a professional photographer…and taking business from you!

Successful agents don’t use professional photographers because they are too lazy to take the photos themselves. They do so to help sell houses faster and make more money through increased client satisfaction and referrals. You should too!

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